Mask-Trotters in Madagascar!

Mask-trotter has some fresh, new faces! This time, the Mask-trotter experience is an even more collective experience … Romain, Raphael, Charly, Ralph and Hugo, from Paris, France have decided to celebrate their 10 year friendiversary by taking a trip. 

Before deciding on their destination, the group of five had a few criteria in mind. The trip would be a complete change in scenery and a country that none of them had been to. The country of choice would also be a place where connecting with the local population was welcome and not too fraught with language barriers. Madagascar was perfect for the French friends.

It was through planning their trip that the boys discovered the country's extreme poverty and its vulnerability in the face of climate change (It's the 5th most vulnerable country facing extreme risk in Maplecroft's 2012 study). They knew they wanted to not only travel as tourists but add a more meaningful dimension to their trip. 

After hearing about Maskbook, the fivesome knew that the unique and powerful project was for them.  With its global issues of air pollution and climate change as well as its artistic and visual component, Maskbook would not only be a great experience during their travels but also a great way to help spread the voices of the people of Madagascar. 

Leaving in early September for a two and a half week trip, the five Mask-trotters are travelling from the capital by van and heading towards Diego Suarez, otherwise called Antsiranana, a port city in the north of Madagscar. 

Stay tuned for the recap of the boy’s journey to Madagascar and to check out the masks made during their intercultural encounters!

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