Maskbook workshops

A convivial and fun approach at the heart of the Maskbook project.

Each workshop allows you to contribute not only to the creation of a workgnd_7817 of art but also an action of social mobilization on the health-pollution-climate link.

From Beijing to Nairobi, but also Quito and Paris, more than 60 workshops have already been held and have mobilized the creativity of students, employees and citizens alike, helping to raise awareness on the health-pollution-climate link.

img_1232Participating in one of our Maskbook workshops allows you to: contribute to our amazing online gallery of masked portraits, experience a pleasant convivial and federating moment, practice circular economy, explore the link between art and sustainable development and last but not least unleash your artistic, ecological and technological creative abilities!



A Maskbook workshop comprises, all that is needed to create, personalize and customize your mask using “DIY” techniques but also features numerous activities and events which can vary according to your needs and desires: photo or mask exhibits, Ipad animations, photobooth, photocall, 3D printer animation (bio-plastic), 3D Scan animation, digital creation workshops… All of these actions enrich the experience.

A “DIY” workshop can host from 10 up to 100 participants, it lasts between one to four hours and requires a large amount of recycled “ingredients”! 🙂

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The creative process is based on the concept of upcycling, sewing, painting, recycling, technological innovation, DIY, etc.

The ingredients used will vary and for the most part originate from recycling circuits: fabric samples, old toys, unused “goodies”, plants, electronic and electrical equipement, waste, flowers, empty capsules, etc.

Art, creativity and a festive atmosphere are an integral part of the adventure: A Maskbook artistic exhibit, Maskbook Party (workshop including a DJ, animations…), Flash Mask (masked flash mobs), Fab Mask (masks created in a Fab Lab), Ball Mask (masked ball), these are also original ways of participting in the project.


More than 60 Maskbook workshops from Paris to Beijing 

Over 60 workshops, mobilizing more than 1 000 people have already taken place!

In China: 

2016: We Belong Forum

2015: CYCAN Association (China Youth Climate Action Network); University of Tianjin; CCDI Group (international architecture agency); Beijing design Week (three days of DIY workshops hosted by the artist Wen Fang)


In France:

2016: UN Environment Paris, La Bellevilloise (for UP Fest), Forum International de la Météo et du Climat, Novethic

2015: La Recyclerie, Village AlternatibaSNCF Voyages, ArjowiggingsGreenflexBloomACIDD (UECC, Université d’été ACIDD), Noise la ville, Course pour le Climat, Birdeo, Ekodev et des Enjeux et des Hommes, L’Agence Française

During COP21: Espaces Générations Climat – Le Bourget,  Grand-Palais (Solutions COP21), La Galerie by World Efficiency Salon WorldEfficiency

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In Kenya: 

Two workshops took place in May 2016: in the Kangemi Resource Centre (in Kangemi’s slum) and with the top management of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) including Achim Steiner and Jacqueline McGlade.


In South-Korea:

A workshop was organized during the Daegu Photo Biennale. This creative workshop was part of Maskbook’s presence within the event as several portraits curated by Wen Fang were exibited for the duration of this artistic encounter.

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In Ecuador: 

Numerous workshops took place in Quito in October 2016 at the occasion of Habitat III, the United Nations third Conference on Housing and Sustainable Urban Development: in the capital city itself, in partnership with UN Environment, WHO (World Health Organization), CCAC (Climate & Clean Air Coalition) and Fui Reciclado, but also in Habitat Village within the frame of the Breathe Life campaign.

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In Morocco: 

Two big workshops were organized in Marrakech in November 2016 within the frame of BALAD_E, Art of Change 21 side-event during COP22, hosted in partnership with UN Environment: in the cross-cultural café Café Clock and in the Riad Denise Masson.



Join us on the Maskbook adventure : hold your own workshop !

Call upon Art of Change 21 to organize a Maskbook workshop for you. Our team is composed of DIY professionals, artists, photographers, designers, graphic designers and our events management partner (Set Event), are here to help make your creative dreams a reality.

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You can also organize your very own workshop by following our step by step guide. The Maskbook team is here to guide you through the technical and logistical aspects and help you get started.

Do not hesitate to contact us ! 🙂