Name or Pseudonym : Manal Rachdi
City : Paris
Country : France

Manufacturing secret, description of the mask :

This digital mask created as a response to the Masked Architect Project is a synthesis of our DNA, our vision of what we think would be the important issues in the development of the future of architecture, sustainability and nature.
We conceived this MASK as a real project, not just as a decorative one. This project is a research on air treatment that could develop a new polluted-air filtration mask. To elaborate this idea we used a system that has been working for ages, the native power of plants to purify air.
The result is a constellation system of bubbles filled with air-purifying plants. This system is linked together with a pipe that takes all the contaminated air and cleans it to a final filter that provides to the person a breath of fresh air.

My solution to the environmental crisis :

We create a MASK that you could wear in your daily trip to your office, in your spare time, in your city walk or bike ride, definitely any time you would like. With this mask we applied the power of nature to everyday life.

Because nothing is better than nature for both your health and your city.

Climate change has a negative impact on my health and I ask that all efforts be made in order to reduce it during the UN Conference on Climate Change.