Name or Pseudonym : Cécile Guillaume
City : Brussels
Country : Belgium

Manufacturing secret, description of the mask :

Mask made by my small hands during “The Night of the Masks” at the Point Culture Brussels, a night of raising awareness about air pollution. The mask contains several layers of green velvet, branches of pines, blue feathers, shells, white & green cloth flowers, and black tulle. It symbolizes that I need to be able breathe better.

My solution to the environmental crisis :

I can protest against pollution now !

When I was in high school, I participated in the Summits of Rio and we video conferenced with scientists, ecologists and politicians. I realized since then and through time that the real initiatives, commitments, and actions for the environment come from civil movements. We need to be more and more united, listen to indigenous people, exchange and pass down knowledge on things like the permaculture and renewable energy, so that we can end capitalism, be more responsible, aware, and respectful with our earth and amongst each other. We have ONE home and it’s for everybody !

Climate change has a negative impact on my health and I ask that all efforts be made in order to reduce it during the UN Conference on Climate Change.