Maskbook in a Nutshell

Launched in 2015 by Art of Change 21 and conceived during the “Conclave of the 21”  in 2014,  Maskbook is the first artistic and citizen action project on the existing link between health, pollution and climate, using the mask as a symbol.

Maskbook flips the potentially worrisome image of the anti-pollution mask and transforms it into a symbol of solutions to the environmental crisis.

International, participatory, and collective, Maskbook invites everyone to :
 – create a mask by calling upon your creativity via your DIY or digital skills and by practicing your ecological know-how by using recycled waste from the circular economy.
share your portrait or selfie on the international portrait gallery online at  maskbook.org !

Maskbook’s action is four-part, consisting of workshops, exhibitions, an online portrait gallery and a mobile app.

The maskbook.org site was launched in the fall of 2015 before the COP21. Today, it brings together over 1500 masked portraits from 30 different countries.




An Action Based on Individual and Collective Creativity

The solutions are at your fingertips !

Maskbook is a showcase of solutions : each mask demonstrates the creative and ecological ingenuity that each individual can bring to the table. With Maskbook, participate in the circular economy and create DIY masks from upcycled and cast-off materials and objects, or through painting or by knitting. You can also create your digital e-masks using graphic design software.

All creative, innovative and eco-responsible skills are welcome!

There are different ways to participate : 

Solo :  unleash your creativity and upload your mask to our website.

In a Workshop : meet your neighbors and share a happy moment of collective creativity.

Online via maskbook.org and social media : meet people from all over the world and follow the Masktrotters, our adventurers who bring Maskbook to the most far-flung places around the globe …

The Maskbook mobile app  also allows you to contribute your mask, in a few clicks, via social network.



Artists, celebrities, eco-designers, ethical stylists, makers, inventors, DIY specialists and upcycling enthusiasts are all part of the adventure!


Maskbook Workshops


Maskbook workshops are at the heart of the project.

Over 50 have already taken place in France, China and Kenya. Workshops are also under way for the cities of New York and Tehran! And of course, Maskbook will be present at the COP23!

Past Workshops : 

8 Maskbook workshops organized in Belgium in partnership with PointCulture

Workshop hosted by the artist Wen Fang and organized at the Daegu Photo Biennal in South Korea
Workshop at the Belong Forum China in Beijing and Shanghai
Giant workshop at Habitat III in Quito, Ecuador
Many workshops in Marrakech at BALAD_E, a side-event Art of Change 21 organized for the COP22

Several workshops in Paris during COP21, notably at the Grand Palais



Maskbook Exhibitions


The thousands of Maskbook portraits constitute a collective, international and unique work of art, the only of its kind. Maskbook is regularly exhibited internationally. 

UN Environment, Nairobi, Kenya

Daegu Photo Biennale, South Korea
Belong Forum China, Beijing and Shanghai with Wen Fang

Photography of Angkor, Cambodia
La Galerie, event organized by National Geographic, in Hong Kong

Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne
Grand Palais of Paris
French Institute of China, Beijing



A Project Based on InclusionImage

Maskbook is also an inclusive project in which even those who do not have access to the Internet are able to voice their concerns and act for the environment via creativity. For example, Maskbook organized a workshop in the Kangemi slum of Nairobi. The badjaos of Borneo, an indigenous people hit hard by global warming, participated in Maskbook, thanks in part to the work of photographer Pierre de Vallombreuse, a member of Art of Change 21, who collaborated with them to create their masks. 

The new Maskbook initiative launched in 2017, Masktrotters, makes it possible to involve even more global citizens in an approach that’s even more participatory and mobile. Thanks to the Masktrotters, Maskbook will travel with those who take Maskbook into their own hands, creating a Maskbook suitcase to carry with them when traveling to the most far-flung places. These friendly pop-up Maskbook workshops will bring together tourists, travelers and locals for a moment of shared creativity but also of intercultural exchange on health, climate and pollution!


Why “Maskbook”?

The idea of Maskbook was born during the “Conclave of the 21” organized by Art of Change 21 at the end of 2014. Chinese artist Wen Fang, who participated in this event, is credited with having thought of the name Maskbook, “In China we do not have Facebook, but since we are all wearing masks to protect us against pollution, if we had it, Facebook should be renamed Maskbook!”

Wen Fang : Chinese Artist at the Heart of the Project


Wen Fang plays a key role in the project: she is the originator of the idea of Maskbook and oversees the development of the project in Asia, particularly China.

And Also…

Discover the mobile app

Download the presentation document HERE

Maskbook’s main partners are the UN Environment and the Schneider Electric Foundation.

The Art of Change 21 Association


Art of Change 21 is the first initiative in the world to fuse art, social entrepreneurship and youth movements in favour of the environment. The association was created in 2014 ahead of the United Nations conference on climate change (COP21).

Art of Change 21 unites 21 artists, social entrepreneurs and young leaders from 12 countries, each reflecting on climate and environmental stakes in their work. The association’s actions are Maskbook and Caire Game as well as BALAD_E, a side-event specially implemented for the COP22 in Marrakesh, Morroco. The association was founded by Alice Audouin, its current president, a pioneer in exploring the relationship between art and sustainable development in France.

The association’s sponsors are the artist Olafur Eliasson and the entrepreneur Tristan Lecomte.