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Welcome to the Maskbook portrait gallery!

Take action for your health and for our climate :  Use your creativity to enrich our online gallery alongside citizens and celebrities from all over the world.

Call upon your artistic, ecological or your own specialized skills to DIY or digitally create your mask, or customize an anti-dusk mask (we provide it free of charge and on request, if necessary). Express your concerns, or create a visual representation of your solutions to our climate and pollution problems.

Are you ready ?

3 Steps to Nail Your Maskbook Portrait:

1- Take a picture in front of a solid and uniform background in landscape format, frame your face and don’t cover your eyes !

2- Choose a descriptive title (no more than 4 words) and prepare an explanation of your mask : what is the secret to your creation and what are your solutions for climate and pollution problems ?
  – The secret to your creation is the way you have made your mask (sewing, DIY …), the materials and ingredients used, etc.
  – The solution to climate change must be a real constructive solution (avoid criticism and attacks).

3- Fill out your information, add your title and explanation and upload your mask in photo or video. Choose a minimum resolution of 300 pixels and less than 5 MB so that your creation is seen in the best quality.

Not all portraits sent are published! The rules set out above must be respected. Your Maskbook portrait will be put on line after our committee validates its content.

We wish you a happy and creative time of positive thinking and hope you enjoy participating in this innovative project and contributing a kind act to yourself and to the planet!

One file only.
10 MB limit.
Allowed types: png gif jpg jpeg.
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Climate change and air pollution have a negative impact on my health and I ask that all efforts be made to reduce it.