Maskbook workshops are the core of the project.

The 200 workshops that have taken place throughout the world, in ChinaFrance, Kenya, South Korea, Ecuador and Morocco, have brought together thousands of people, creating not only a global and participatory work of art, but a Maskbook community that is increasingly aware of the current environmental stakes.

Lively and inviting, workshops mobilize the creativity of the general public and incite a desire to act on air pollution, climate change and health.

Workshops combine fun, learning and community for an optimal experience. Creating masks, getting a professional portrait taken, meeting like-minded individuals, discovering the art of upcycling, and getting informed about the circular economy as well as the environmental stakes are all integral parts of the workshop.

Mask-creation truly embodies the art of upcycling because the materials used to create the masks are recycled waste:  plastic packaging, broken toys, plants, electrical and electronic equipment waste, etc, all are transformed into an environmentally engaged work of art. 

Workshops can also be digital, with masks created via 3D printers and scanners, incorporating the "maker culture" in the Maskbook community.

All skills and know-how are welcome, whether it be via traditional craftsmanship like sewing, artistic abilities such as painting or technological skills like via digital creation...

Once the mask is created, each participant in the workshop is photographed and their portrait then joins and enriches the collective and engaged work of art, the online portrait gallery, before potentially starting an international journey via exhibitions and Maskbook events worldwide.

Discover the agenda our past and future workshops and come participate in a workshop!

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