The most striking Maskbook portraits are displayed at art biennials, COPs and in art galleries and universities, in South Korea to Morocco and from France to Ecuador.

Maskbook exhibitions shine a light on the artistic component of Maskbook, allowing it to reach an even greater public.

The first Maskbook exhibitions took place in 2015 for the COP21, with three simultaneous exhibitions, one at the Grand Palais, the historic exhibition hall in Paris, another in Bourget, in the civilian space of the COP21 and finally one in China, in the heart of Beijing, on the facade of the French Institute. Even before the COP21, the Sorbonne University in Paris welcomed 8 large portraits in its Galerie Soufflot.

As a global and striking work of art, Maskbook is also regularly selected by curators around the world. Curator Kim Isaaks included over 100 Maskbook portraits in the exhibition program of the Daegu Photo Biennale 2016. The renowned curator Claudia Hintersen selected Maskbook to be a part of a an exhibition that included some of the world's greatest photographers (such as Edward Burtynsky, Daesung Lee, Chris Jordan, Kadir van Lohuizen, Peter Menzel) at the Angkor Photo Festival in Cambodia with the exhibition "We Alter Nature" in 2016, which had an enthusiastic reception. 

That same year, in 2016, Maskbook travelled to Hong Kong as part of a group exhibition initiated by Greenpeace East Asia (the exhibition was inaugurated by the actress Sigourney Weaver), and continued the journey to Marrakesh for COP22, the United Nations Conference on Climate Change, with an exhibition in the cultural hotspot the "Café Clock," for the duration of the COP22.

Thanks to its aesthetic nature and its strong visual message, Maskbook exists as a work of art and this is exactly its goal. Maskbook's originality lies precisely in this double status, both a work of art and as a call to action.

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