Paysage sud-africain

Esther Mahlangu
Le Cap, Afrique du Sud
Explication de mon masque et de son message
This mask was formed from various forms of waste material - such as plastic - which was collected along the South African coastline. The mask draws from traditional landscape painting and depicts various iconic South African flora and fauna. This mask-landscape includes various species of Proteas, Arum lilies and flowering shrubs, as well as the South African national bird, the Blue Crane. My hope is that the abundance of life, colour and beauty within the mask - in contrast to the pollution from which the mask has been formed - will bring attention to the importance of preserving South Africa’s natural world. This mask is a celebration of South Africa’s unrivalled beauty, as well as a plea to protect and amplify the indigenous knowledge systems which have existed harmoniously with the natural world for generations-upon-generations.

Ce masque was especially created for me by the artist Luke Rudman, as part of the Maskbook campaign for the 5th anniversary of the Paris Agreement.
Mon mode de création
Fait main
Masque créé le
Ce portrait a été réalisé par Duke Kgomotso Machitele qui cède gracieusement ses droits au projet Maskbook.

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