Art and Upcycling at the heart of the COP24

On the occasion of the 24th annual UN Climate Change Conference (COP24) in Katowice, Poland from December 2-14, 2018, Art of Change 21 will present a program of Maskbook events, exhibitions and workshops which brings together inhabitants of Katowice and participants of the COP24. 

Maskbook programming

Maskbook is an international, participative and artistic project created by the association Art of Change 21 in 2015 on the occasion of the COP21 conference. More than twenty countries have already hosted Maskbook events, and now the first ever Maskbook event in Poland is being held on the occasion of this COP conference.

Before the COP conference: workshops in partnership with Katowice Everyday, the Academy of Fine Arts and Kurka Wodna. One hundred committed and highly artistic mask portraits resulted from three workshops.

- Saturday November 3
​​​​​​​Maskbook workshop bringing together the community of upcyclers and the local association Kurka Wodna.

- Saturday November 10
Maskbook workshop at Climate for Change, the official venue dedicated to the COP conference in the square of the town hall, with inhabitants of the city of Katowice, under the direction of artist and teacher Małgosia Rozenau.

- Friday November 16 
Maskbook workshop with students of the Katowice Academy of Fine Arts, led by teacher and artist Małgosia Rozenau.

During the COP conference: a giant workshop and exhibition in partnership with the Katowice City of Gardens, Everyday Katowice, the Academy of Fine Arts and Kurka Wodna

- From December 6-14, opening on Thursday 6 December from 6pm at KATO
Exhibition of the Maskbook portraits of inhabitants of the city of Katowice will be held in various locations throughout the city, in the University of Silesia  (Rector’s office, Ciniba & Law Department) and the KATO cultural café.

- Saturday December 8 from 10am to 1pm
Giant workshop organized by Art of Change 21 at Strefa Centralna / City of Gardens. Each participant is invited to create a mask from waste and to be photographed with his mask, joining the online gallery. After the workshop, participants will join the Climate March wearing their Maskbook mask.

More information on the workshop 
More information on the exhibition

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