Bike to Act: a pair of committed adventurers join the Masktrotters network

The large Masktrotters family, rich in strong and adventurous personalities but above all in solidarity, is still growing with a duo of young world citizens.

Business school students, Apolline and Mathilde are adventurous soul who, motivated by their desire to act against the pollution that they observed every day a little more in their daily lives, decided to bring their personal touch to the protection of the planet and life on Earth, by setting up their own solidarity project through Asia, the most polluted continent.

More than ever in the spirit of the times, they are willing to inspire change! The Bike to Act duo thus left for five and a half months across the roads and valleys of Asia, with a program that is as useful as it is enriching: sensibilizing the local population to the respect of the environment, but also collecting waste, and promoting ecotourism and dialogue.

Always ready for new challenges, Apolline and Mathilde decided to add the Masktrotter project to their journey by becoming our new ambassadors.

They have already created their first masks, which are an extension of their message: everyone can act responsibly against the environmental crisis! The change becomes urgent and everyone can do something from where they are, at any time.

Today in Laos, the next destinations of Apolline and Mathilde are Cambodia and Vietnam. Stay tuned, we follow them very closely!

Masktrotters are globetrotters who add an artistic, ecological and amenable facet to their trips. Their mission is to share the Maskbook project in an inclusive way with those whose daily realities are impacted by the current environmental crisis. The goal is to invite them to participate by creating a mask with a personal message to share, and to start a dialogue about environmental issues.


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