EVI - the International school of life - joins the Masktrotter adventure!

Members of the EVI association have decided to participate with the Masktrotter adventure during their philanthropic world-tour, which is already underway.

EVI is the new project of the dancer and choreographer, Nina Barbé. The 23-year-old dancer and her company are beginning a world tour where they will organize dance workshops for children. The first stop is in Marseille, then they will be welcomed in India, Colombia and Senegal!

All of theses adventures will be filmed and relayed back home by Leïla Macaire, the EVI project’s second in command. The films will shed light on the various ways people express themselves through their bodies according to their culture and education. At the conclusion, all of the children will meet in France to create an international dance show together!


“Dance is a way to open yourself up to your environment,” says Nina. As soon as she heard about our Masktrotter project, she recognised a unique opportunity to share with children around the world her love of the environment, and to talk with them about ways to protect it! The first results of the first experience have just arrived, and they are so beautiful! Find them in the Gallery now!

"Masktrotter" is a new development in the Maskbook story that allows citizens to act for the environment whilst on their travels. A Masktrotter is a globetrotter who takes a Maskbook kit in their suitcase. During their travels, the Masktrotter encourages locals - and fellow travellers they meet along the way - to participate in Maskbook, guiding them through the process, and engaging them in an intercultural dialogue on health, climate and pollution.

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