March of the Century

Can you hear that sweet chorus? Shush… listen carefully... it's the air of change. The change of a world that is warming up and a youth that is mobilizing. In addition of being the hottest year of our era*, will 2019 be the year of awareness?

The youth, in any case, seem determined to shake some sense into their elders. As proof, next weekend, the entire country is invited to mobilize for the Climate. First of all on Friday, which in line with the school strike initiated by the young Greta Thunberg, will involve all middle and high school students. The next day, March 16, the gatherings will continue throughout France and will be open to all.

These marches, called "March of the Century" promise to attract anyone and everyone who cares about the environment: in Paris alone, on the event’s created for the occasion on social network Facebook, more than 131,000 people to date say they are interested or are going. For this event, which is already known as "the largest gathering in history for climate justice", Art of Change 21 is co-organizing the march that will take place through Paris.

It will be divided into three departures with various themes: Climate and Social Emergency, Green Riders for Tomorrow, and March for the Living. The three processions will walk separately to Opéra, and then march together to Place de la République. The March for the Living, in which Maskbook will participate, will start from Parc Monceau, Paris 17eme. Art of Change 21 will welcome you from 11am with a Maskbook workshop.

At the rallying point of the March for the Living, there will be activities, such as an area doing make-up on the theme of endangered animals, and a stall about scientific popularization, so that we can discover more about the world around us!

Walk with us! After the activities we’ll walk to the Place de l'Opéra (checkpoint there at 2pm). Finally, we will all go together to the Place de la République, which will welcome us with speeches and a concert.


some useful links:

link of the global event in Paris 

Links to the three departures:

Departure MARCH FOR THE LIVING (Maskbook will be there)

( Mass mobilization against mass extinction

- PARC MONCEAU - 11:00 am ) 


(End of the world, end of the month / Let's change the system not the climate

- TROCADERO - 12h00) 


(- ROYAL PALACE - 16H00) 

reminder: What is Maskbook?

* 2019: the hottest year?

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