Maskbook program in Ghana

Maskbook arrives in Ghana for a series of workshops this November! These will be in collaboration with two major organizations in recycling and upcycling: RecycleUp and Plastic Punch. Members of the Art of Change 21 team will hold workshops in Accra, New Ningo and Abetifi over the course of nearly two weeks.

Ghana is one of the 10 most polluted countries in the world. Landscapes are contaminated with massive amounts of poorly treated plastic waste, especially in densely populated urban areas. Streets, openspaces, rivers and beaches are flooded with plastic waste, threatening local populations and biodiversity. It was thus inevitable for Maskbook to act locally, thanks to strong partnerships.

RecycleUp Ghana is an association that acts against plastic pollution through educational programs and upcycling workshops in a network of more than 23 schools. The association is established in three Ghanaian cities, and it organizes summer camps to train tomorrow's changemakers.

We have also teamed up with Plastic Punch association, created in early 2018, which organizes cleaning days at New Ningo beach, 50 kilometres from the capital. The association gathers environmentalists of different nationalities (Ghana, France, Spain) and attempts to alert locals to their environment and raise awareness regarding the condition of their beaches, where turtles need to lay their eggs unhindered.

It was about time Maskbook returned to the African continent after workshops in Kenya, and Morocco for COP22. Stay alert to follow the adventures of our team!

November 9, workshop at Madolly School in collaboration with RecycleUp
November 10, cleaning of the New Ningo beach followed by a workshop with the participants in collaboration with Plastic Punch
November 13, workshop at Abetifi in collaboration with RecycleUp
November 14, workshop at Sunflower School in collaboration with RecycleUp

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