Maskbook Video Premiere by Artist Wen Fang at WeBelong Forum in Beijing

Chinese artist Wen Fang premiered her Maskbook video creation for the 3rd WeBelong Forum in Beijing, China.

This short, powerful, sensory video creation in Chinese and English was created by using Maskbook portraits from around the world. The video invites Chinese people to fight against air pollution in a new way, by harnessing their creativity!

The WeBelong Forum is an annual event in China that focuses on sustainable lifestyles. It offers a program of round tables and conferences on sustainable innovations in China and abroad and places an emphasis on art as a vector of the ecological transition.

The artist Wen Fang presented the film to the Forum public and attested to an enthusiastic and warm response. The Forum's livestream reached more than 4 million people.

Wen Fang is an engaged Chinese artist who co-initiated Maskbook with Art of Change 21. Personally affected by the air pollution in Beijing where she lives, she is largely to credit with planting the idea for Maskbook at the Conclave of Art of Change 21 in 2014 : "In China, as we all wear masks against pollution, Facebook should be called Maskbook!" Since then, she has played a major role in the project, regularly hosting workshops in Asia, Beijing and Shanghai, China and in Daegu, South Korea, for example. 

Maskbook, well established in China since 2015 via workshops and exhibitions, will continue its outreach and development with this creative clip that will be shared on Chinese social networks.


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