Raising awareness about upcycling at L'Oréal Headquarters for the European Week for Waste Reduction

As part of the European Waste Reduction Week in November, Art of Change 21 collaborated with the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) team at L'Oréal, introducing the company’s staff to the Maskbook project. Workshops were used to raise awareness about the circular economy and upcycling, as employees took part in interactive and creative activities.

At L’Oreal’s Charles Zviak and Seine 62 campuses (located in Saint-Ouen and Levallois Perret, respectively), the Maskbook program was introduced to staff in early November, when portraits were exhibited in communal spaces around the building. The large format photographs were installed in order to grab the attention of potential collaborators, and help familiarize them visually with the project.

The Maskbook team also took part in activities on the two sites on November 5 and 6, presenting the logistics of Maskbook and inviting participants to bring their "ingredients" in order to decorate their masks during workshops. Throughout the month of November, collection bins were installed at the workplaces to maximize local waste and introduce employees to the practice of the circular economy.

The first workshop was held at Campus Charles Zviak on Tuesday, November 20, with about 20 employees creating a mask, upcycling the elements of the collection bins, as well as some cosmetic rejects. For this workshop, the Maskbook team was assisted by the talented fashion photographer Rémi Deleuze, and high end fashion designer Noémie Devime; the latter was equipped with her tools of the trade, as well as some of her original, stunning creations such as the matchstick shawl.

A week later on Thursday, November 29, it was the turn of the campus Seine 62 to welcome the Maskbook team for a new workshop. Once again, the crew were joined by professionals, this time including in-demand photographer Mara Zampariolo and the artist Lorena Hernandez. Designer Noémie Devime came for the second seminar and was on hand to upcycle a beautiful mask and provide inspiration to the attendees.  

The results of these days of action were extremely positive. The workshop participants were demonstrably enthusiastic, with Ami Ouattarra’s mask “expressing the fragility of children's health in the face of environmental pollution.”

Anais Mulle, meanwhile, invites us to change our view of the world.


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