From 04.18.2019 To 04.19.2019
Toulouse, France

Maskbook in Toulouse !

The Toulouse-based Film, Research and Sustainable Development association - or FReDD - is a scientific culture organisation focused on sustainable development issues. Founded in June 2012, it promotes and distributes films which offer reasoned analysis of these issues, and which implore us to think and debate further once the film is finished. 
FReDD will be giving out awards for outstanding achievement in film this April, and Maskbook will be in attendance, exhibiting at the Espace des Diversités Et De La Laïcité at 38 rue d'Aubuisson, 31000 Toulouse. The Maskbook team will visit the festival from April 18th to 20th to lead two Maskbook workshops. Come and see us during the event, which concludes with the awards for best environmental films on Saturday. You can meet us on April 18th (Thursday) at 2pm at 102 Avenue de la Gloire, and at the Espace des Diversités Et De La Laïcité at 2pm on the 19th (Friday).
So come and create beautiful masks to symbolically say NO to pollution! 

102 Avenue de la Gloire
, Toulouse

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