Accra, Ghana

Maskbook workshop at Sunflower School, Accra

In November 2018, Maskbook came in Ghana for a journey from Accra to New Ningo through the village of Abetifi in the Ghanaian mountains. This Maskbook program was based on collaborations with major local organizations in recycling and upcycling (RecycleUp Ghana and Plastic Punch) as well as with many artists involved in the environment. RecycleUp Ghana is an association that acts against plastic pollution through upcycling workshops and the association Plastic Punch organizes cleaning days.

On November 14, the Maskbook workshop series in Ghana ended in Accra with a workshop at Sunflower School, a Recycle Up Ghana partner school. Sunflower School develops a broad program of environmental awareness and recycling actions. Large bins for the collection of plastic bags and bottles of water are installed in the school, to promote ecogests.

The Maskbook workshop brought together some fifty students who were able to express their message against the environmental crisis, like this young girl whose mask was dedicated to denouncing deforestation, through the use of wood chips.

Sunflower School
, Accra

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