The choice is yours

Tamara Haddad
Beyrouth, Lebanon
Explanation of my mask and its message
Materials: An old sponge, a toothpick, a dried plant and some sand.
13 million hectares of forest are lost every year. Let us be aware that this has serious consequences to our health. Covid-19 is there to remind us of this.
On the one hand, the mask shows forests, necessary for our survival; on the other hand, deforestation and forest fires, heralding new epidemics and serious diseases. It's up to us to choose.

Mask created during the Maskbook COVID-19 campaign conducted in 2020.
My solution to the environmental crisis
Encourage reforestation and limit deforestation through a sustainable and responsible way of life.
My method of creation
Mask created in
This portrait was taken by Tamara Haddad who graciously assign its rights to the Maskbook project.
By creating my mask, I stand with Maskbook, international art-action project committed to the environment. I declare that climate change and air pollution are a danger to my health and to the health of our planet. I ask that all efforts be made to reduce these threats. I commit to act for the environment in my everyday life.

Tamara Haddad

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