Ginkgo gold

Layne Beachley
Sydney, Australia
Explanation of my mask and its message
This mask was created especially for me by the artist Jane Laurent, as part of the Maskbook campaign for the 5th anniversary of the Paris Agreement.

Here is her message:
My artwork is always about our relationship with the natural world. In my studio she has a basket of Ginkgo leaves as a type of talisman, as they are a sacred and symbolic plant representing eternal life. I immediately thought of their potential to become a mask, at such an important moment for the planet.
The leaves are shaped like fans, resembling a mask used in Japanese ceremonies. Ginkgoes are “living fossils”. In the fall, their green leaves transition to saffron yellow, released in a sequence that creates a mystical golden-ray. The geometry of the leaf allows for a formation, as they fit one another and form circles, creating the pattern you see on the mask.
The Ginkgo is a perfect representation of life moving into the future. A plant that can adapt and survive in so many parts of the planet, with some even surviving the atomic bomb in Hiroshima. It is so revered. It is perfect for inclusion in the celebration of the Paris Agreement.
My method of creation
Mask created in
This portrait was taken by Tim Bradshaw who graciously assign its rights to the Maskbook project.

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