Urban Environmentalist

Zane Šime
Riga, Latvia
Explanation of my mask and its message
Consultations on environmental challenges are booming in Northern Europe. One good example is Riga – a city with strong ties to the Baltic Sea Region networks of experts – where environmental topics are discussed and addressed in a great variety of ways. The European Mobility Week and the Big Clean-up of Latvia are just two examples of ideas put in a constructive action to promote civic engagement and awareness about the importance of environmentally conscious lifestyles and consumption patterns. The mask is inspired by “UN/GREEN” exhibition presented at the Latvian National Museum of Art, especially the performance “Shadows from the Walls of Death” by Adam W. Brown. His artistic interpretation of Paris Green and Maskbook campaign share a similar orientation towards artistic expression as a means to engage wider public in environmental discourses and facilitate collective learning from past mistakes in order to jointly build and implement better solutions for the future.
My solution to the environmental crisis
Persistent multilaterally coordinated work towards achieving the internationally agreed goals enshrined in the Paris Agreement, Sustainable Development Goals etc.
My method of creation
Mask created in
This portrait was taken by not specified who graciously assign its rights to the Maskbook project.

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