Maskbook joins the network of eco-villages with a workshop in Ängsbacka in Sweden on the occasion of the European Day of Sustainable Communities on 22 September 2018.

The Maskbook workshop will be organized by members of the community, under the direction of Marc Domingos, our ambassador- masktrotter.

What is an ecovillage ?

An ecovillage is a group of alternative houses that aims at self-sufficiency at different levels, and where ecology has a central place. Indeed, what motivates the creation of an ecovillage is the harmony between man and nature. The concept of ecovillage was born in the 90s and has experienced a real boom then, translated today by a global network with major reference villages, such as Auroville in India.

Maskbook implants in Ängsbacka!

Ängsbacka is a key Swedish eco-village that uses renewable energies, produces its own food and will soon start an eco-construction project in its forest. Today, 200 people form this unique community, connected to all the other ecovillages of the world. At this moment, the community is looking for volunteers interested inlacing the experiment. More information here https://www.angsbacka.se/


Thanks to the Maskbook Workshop, the participants will be able to express their message for the planet with creativity. Maskbook is an artistic way to enlighten their ideas through the globe through the online gallery!



> Entrance free, Maskbook workshop at Ängsbacka ecovillage.

> European Day of the Sustainable Communities- Open Day @ Ängsbacka



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