Since 2015, Maskbook has been taking creative action on the link between health and the environment, using the protective mask as its a symbol. We have organised more than 200 workshops around the world. They are all on standby... So individual and online action takes over!

After air pollution, the Covid-19 pandemic is exposing this link on an unprecedented scale and galvinising us into action.

Create your masked portrait and be part of a huge, COVID-19-themed gallery of international, collective and creative portraits.


Taking part of the campaign

Make your mask, express your creative talent, and share your response to the current health and environmental crises. Express how you feel about COVID-19 through a circular economy approach – make your mask from waste materials or digitally.

It's up to you! To enter the Maskbook gallery with a quality photo, plain background, in landscape format, it's HERE.

CAUTION: Don't use a real protective mask. Protective masks are reserved for protection against the virus. Even when used, they remain dangerous. Create your mask from cardboard, packaging, fabric...


Family portraits are welcome! Given the confinement situation, Maskbook has changed general rules. It suggests you make portraits of couples, families or roommates confined together. Support your children in their creative process to help them deliver a meaningful message through their mask.


Don't hesitate to share! Also post your mask on your social networks, with the hastags #maskbookcovid19 & #maskbook.



What does this pandemic reveal? What “after-pandemic” world do you want? So many starting points for self-expression through your mask!


Feel free to express your desires and feelings, but please, not your hatred.

We will be delighted to present your masked portrait on the home page of our Maskbook.org portrait gallery, which will be dedicated to COVID-19. The most beautiful MASKBOOK COVID-19 masks will then be brought together to create a joint work, which to be exhibited after the pandemic.

In February, a first Maskbook action was launched in China by the artist Wen Fang, co-creator of Maskbook, and her new collective Windowfish Artist. Hundreds of participants expressed themselves through masked portraits and messages on Chinese social media.

Our health depends on our environment. But what do we do for it, are we doing enough for the environment?

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