Take part in the new Maskbook campaign to celebrate five years of the Paris Climate Agreement, in partnership with the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs.
Create your mask on the theme of the anniversary of the Paris Agreement, and post your masked portraits in our online gallery.

Join the personalities already invested in this campaign. Discover them in our portrait gallery.

Create your own mask, deploy your creative talents, and share your vision of a carbon-free world in which the Paris Agreement fully plays its role. Renewable energies, international cooperation, youthful mobilization, the notion of an inspiring and desirable "post-carbon" future... the +1.5 degree scenario is in your hands!

Together let's create the largest gallery of masked portraits in support of the climate, and carry them through to COP26.

Four important requirements before you start:

1 - Join the circular economy by creating a mask from your waste.

2 - Do not use medical masks intended for use during the pandemic. Protective Covid-19 masks are exclusively reserved for the fight against the virus. Even using them can be dangerous. Make your own mask instead with cardboard or paper-mâché, or start with an expired, defective or used anti-dust or anti-pollution mask that you can then personalize.

3 - Also prepare the information needed for publication: the name of your mask, the explanation of your mask, and the message you want to convey. The stronger, more positive and constructive the message, the better!

4 - Your photo is essential. It must be of good quality and in a landscape format. We must see your eyes!

Each mask is unique. Put all of your artistic, ecological and technical know-how into your mask!

On your masks, get set, go!


Fill out the information in the small online form below and upload your masked portrait.

Please note, all the portraits sent are not published! The rules stated above must be followed. Your Maskbook portrait will be put online after validation of its content by our compliance committee.

Are you under 18? Ask your parents to fill out the following form so we can publish your portrait:
Parental authorization to use the image of a minor


We hope you enjoy participating in this creative and innovative project for the planet!


10 MB limit.
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By creating my mask, I stand with Maskbook, international art-action project committed to the environment. I declare that climate change and air pollution are a danger to my health and to the health of our planet. I ask that all efforts be made to reduce these threats. I commit to act for the environment in my everyday life.